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The Top 10 Meaty Meals

If there’s one thing most Americans love, it’s fast food. And while many people love sugar, history has proven that many Americans love meaty meals. In one of our previous blog posts, we mention how the United States “Tops the chart as the country with the highest annual meat consumption per capita.”

Do you ever have a hard time choosing what to make for dinner? We have plenty of meat packages ready to be cooked and savored and we’ve listed the top choices to consider.

Here are our top ten choices for our most delicious meals. Any of these meals will satisfy your appetite and make your dinner table happy!


1.) BBQ Package 

Let’s start this off with the basics that everyone is known to love! This BBQ Package includes all of your classic meaty choices the whole family will love. 

Here are a few choices you get with this BBQ package: 

  • Slab pack of pork spareribs (Quantity: 2)
  • 8-ounce Sirloin Steak (Quantity: 6)
  • 12-ounce Ribeye Steak (Quantity: 5)
  • 1/3 pound Ground Beef Patties (Quantity: 15)
  • 10-ounce Boneless Pork Chop (Quantity 8)

Also, at Grand Peak Prime Meats, we take pride in always using the finest meats available. You can enjoy a meaty package that you, your family and friends can enjoy.


2.) Family Package 

The second choice is one specifically created with your whole family in mind. When it comes to feeding your family, it can be hard to find a meal large enough to cook that is enough to feed everyone. This meaty package is perfect for a family dinner.

The Family Package comes with:

  • 3 pound Top Round Roast (Quantity: 2)
  • 3 pound Rump Roast (Quantity: 2)
  • A 2-pound package of Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs (Quantity: 2)
  • A 3-pound package of Boneless Pork Roast (Quantity: 2)
  • A 3-pound package of Chicken Breast (Quantity: 2)

With all these awesome choices to pick from, you and your whole family can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. 


3). Ultimate Pork Package

Many of us love to treat ourselves to a meal of nicely cooked pork. You should purchase only the best for your well-deserved treat! This pork package has everything you need for a quick home cooked meal or late night dinner. 

The Ultimate Pork Package comes with:

  • 8 oz Bone-in pork chops (Quantity: 6)
  • 8 oz Boneless pork chops (Quantity: 6)
  • Rack pork spare ribs (Quantity: 4)
  • 5 lbs of pork country style ribs
  • 3-pound bone-in pork roast (Quantity: 2)
  • 2-pound bacon (Quantity: 2)

With this pork package, you get all your basic pork and meat needs to make an excellent meaty treat for yourself and a few friends! 


4.) Starter Package

Perhaps you aren't sure what meat package to select? If you know you want to try out several quality meat options, but aren't sure where to start, then our Starter Package is the best choice for you! There are various items to enjoy in this customized meaty package. This is a great option for singles or couples looking to expand their pallet. 

This package includes: 

  • 2 - 8 oz Sirloin Steaks
  • 4 - 8 oz Boneless Pork Chops
  • 2 - 1lbs Chicken Strips (unbreaded)
  • 1 lb - Deli Sliced Turkey
  • 1 lb - Deli Sliced Ham

If you're new to the world of meat, then this starter pack will help you narrow down which choices of meat you prefer on your plate during dinner. If you want to savor a wide selection, this is also the perfect choice for you! 


5.) Half Beef Package

In this package, you get 250 pounds of meat all cut to your preferred size. If you're in the mood for some steak, roast, or even a brisket, then this bundle is the best choice to experience the full beef wonder! 

This half beef package includes: 

  • 10lbs New York Strip Steak
  • 4lbs Filet Mignon Steak
  • 8lbs Ribeye Steak
  • 10lbs Round Steak, Cube Steak, or Stew Meat
  • 2-1/2 - 3lbs Flank Steak
  • 14lbs Sirloin Steak
  • 12lbs Brisket
  • 12lbs Rump Roast
  • 20lbs Top Round Roast
  • 12lbs Chuck Roast
  • 8-10lbs Plate Short Ribs
  • 130lbs Ground Beef 80/20 1# pkgs

Depending on who you're bringing over, this package can help create a wonderful dinner with friends by giving them a great meal. If you're looking to make a tasty lunch for your family or in-laws, this would be a great choice to consider! There's not much this package is missing. 


6.) Pork Roast Boneless

Our Boneless Pork Roast is an excellent choice for creating a protein filled wholesome meal. Boneless Pork Roast is the perfect meat to pair with potatoes and a vegetable. This selection is available in a 3 and 5-pound package. We also have Boneless Pork Chops available for purchase!


7.) Ground Beef Patties

Are you in the mood for a delicious burger? A freshly cooked beef patty can be tasty and satisfy your craving! The ground beef patties come in a variety of sizes. You can score a few solo lunches, or make dinner for the whole family.


8.) Finger Steaks

With this selection of steak, you can enjoy a scrumptious and fun meal. At our affordable price, you can buy your finger steaks in 1, 2, or 5 pounds at your personal preference. Finger steaks are a fun choice for the family! You can use them to make a stir fry, kababs, or even bread them! 


9.) Chuck Roast

Our quality Chuck Roast is the perfect choice to impress those in your household or a group of friends. This roast is a delicious dinner to satisfy your taste buds. Just add some sides and a dessert and you're good to go!  

You can order your Chuck Roast in 3, 4, and 5 pound sizes. Pick the size that works best for your group and enjoy! 


10.) Chicken Tenders

Last but not least is our awesome chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are a meal enjoyed by kids, adults, and those looking for a quick meal that’s full of protein. Our chicken tenders are available in 2, 5, and 10-pound packages. Our affordable price doesn’t sacrifice for quality and it’s one of the best deals on our menu! 


Start Prepping Your Meaty Meals Today

These meaty choices are the best out there, and only made with the finest meat available. We ensure that our meat is high quality, safe, ethical and delicious. Don’t miss out on these affordable, high quality meat deals. Buy some of the best meat packages on the market and start cooking some delicious meals your family will never forget!

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