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Top 9 Grilling Recipes for the Summer

The smell of charred meat and smoke rising from the grill is a signal that summer has arrived!

The best grilling recipes are sometimes much simpler than you think. Once you combine the right sauce, spice, or marinade, you'll have a winning recipe that you'll be serving throughout the grilling season for years to come.

It’s not always easy to think of what to put on the grill. You can’t just throw any old cut of meat at it and expect it to come out perfectly. You have to be strategic about what meat you choose and how you prepare it beforehand. There are so many different types of meat, spices, and marinades, which means that you can switch things up almost every time you use your grill.

We're excited and fired up to share our favorite summer grilling recipes. If you’re struggling to think of new recipes for your next summer grilling session, we compiled a list for you. Whether your preferred meat of choice is pork, beef, or chicken, there is something here for everyone.

Let’s look at some grilled recipes you can try this summer!

Grilling Recipes for Pork

Pork is lean meat that cooks incredibly quickly, and you need to make sure that it doesn't dry out. Follow this step before tossing it on the grill: Using a digital meat thermometer to grill according to temperature is the best method for ensuring maximum flavor. Grill the pork over medium-high heat, flipping once halfway through.

Perfect grilled pork chops are actually rather simple to prepare, as long as you choose the best piece of pork, season it, and grill it correctly.

Ready for the tastiest pork chop you've ever tasted?

Try some of our favorite pork grilling recipes:

Fit Foodie Find’s Juicy Grilled Pork Chops

This grilled pork chop recipe will help you create a dish that is juicy and soft on the inside, with beautiful charred grill markings on the outside. This is a lovely summer recipe for those who want to make pork chops that are sweet, savory, and so juicy! All thanks to an easy grilled pork chop marinade! This grilled pork chop recipe calls for a thicker, bone-in pork chop.

For the full recipe, visit

The Spruce Eat’s Juicy Grilled Pork Chops

You might want to make this grilled pork chop recipe again and again after you've tried it. It makes a wonderful summer evening meal when served with pasta or potato salad and baked beans. A simple marinade of soy sauce, mustard, and brown sugar make these chops quick and simple to prepare. The marinade makes the pork very juicy and tender, so it grills to perfection. These chops make for an easy and quick meal.

For the full recipe, visit

Eating Well’s Grilled Pork Loin

This simple grilled pork loin recipe is finished with a fresh herb vinaigrette and white bean puree for a burst of fresh flavor. Make it a healthy, complete meal by serving it with steamed green beans and an Italian-dressed green salad.

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Grilling Recipes for Beef

There is no denying that grilling beef can be one of the most fulfilling summer activities. For those seeking to switch things up or entertain, these recipes will provide you with hearty beef-based meals. Whether you're wanting a classic cheeseburger or a large juicy steak, this collection of grilled beef dishes is ideal for your next summer gathering.

To get started, simply pick some quality beef for your next summer gathering, fire up the grill, and get ready to prepare some succulent steaks and burgers!

Here are some of our favorite beef grilling recipes:

Thai Rice Noodle and Grilled Steak Salad

This Thai-inspired fast and fresh grilled beef dish is an excellent choice for a speedy, fresh meal. The zippy beef marinade made with fish sauce, lime juice, garlic, and sugar provides the most amazing sweet and sour flavor. It is served over rice noodles and vegetable noodles, making it a great one-dish fresh meal for a hot day.

For the full recipe, visit

Grilled Beef Steaks

Simple to make and delightful to eat, these beef steaks are a summer staple for a reason. Enjoy these grilled beef steaks with salt and pepper that are ready in 20 minutes—ideal for a BBQ meal. Guaranteed, you'll believe you ordered it from a class A restaurant.

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Garlic Butter Grilled Steak & Shrimp

One of the finest steak recipes is grilled steak and shrimp smothered in garlic butter! Surf and turf right in your own backyard! A fantastic, easy-to-make gourmet steak supper that tastes as if it came from a restaurant! In less than 15 minutes, you can have this garlic butter grilled steak and shrimp meal on the table. Simple to prepare and great for the grill or grilling indoors with a grill pan!

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Grilling Recipes for Chicken

Chicken is quite a versatile protein, and it tastes great regardless of whether you roast, fry, bake, or poach it. In the summertime, though, we tend to find ourselves grilling it on a regular basis—and constantly on the lookout for new and tasty grilled chicken recipes. There is absolutely no limit to the flavors that may be combined with this great protein.

Ready to up your grilled chicken game? We're celebrating some of our favorite grilling recipes here, so heat up your grills and grill pans and get ready to discover your new favorite grilled chicken recipe.

Here are some of our favorite chicken grilling recipes:

Crispy Chicken Breasts

This crunchy, flavorful recipe for crispy grilled chicken can be grilled on the barbecue or baked in the oven. The boneless, skinless chicken breasts are grilled with a herb and breadcrumb coating. It’s absolutely splendid; the chicken breasts are soft, juicy, and flavorful, with a deliciously crispy crust!

For the full recipe, please visit

The Best Juicy Grilled Chicken

Say goodbye to flavorless, dry chicken, and welcome to juicy, delicious chicken. It's simple to do at home. When you follow our simple method, you can make a perfectly juicy, tender grilled chicken. You can create the best-grilled chicken at home with a few methods! This procedure is applicable to all cuts of chicken, but it is especially useful for grilled chicken breasts!

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Easy Grilled Chicken

The greatest and simplest marinade ever, no-fuss and bursting with flavor! It doesn't get much simpler than this. It's also nearly foolproof. Simply marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a Ziploc bag with all that balsamic-lemon-herb deliciousness, and that's pretty much it.

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Additional Tips for Cooking Meat

Two things need to happen before the steak is placed on the hot grate. The meat should be greased and seasoned, particularly with kosher salt. Brushing the meat lightly with olive oil prevents it from sticking to the grill and retains the seasoning on the meat.

Be liberal with the seasoning! The crust and grill marks are flavorful, and we want the spice to shine through.

Some recipes call for a marinade, which gives each bite a lot of flavor. However, if the marinade contains sugar, keep an eye on the grill since the sugar will burn. Marinated meals necessitate the use of a two-zone fire; as the meat begins to brown over direct heat, it must be shifted to indirect heat to continue cooking properly.

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