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Best Recipes To Try on the Smoker this Summer

We love to cook outside as soon as the weather starts to warm up this summer. Smoking not only helps to keep the kitchen clean and tidy but also produces some of the best-tasting meals worthy of a top restaurant menu.

A smoker is a fantastic tool for preparing smoked foods for meat lovers, and it is also an efficient way to give a unique and delicious flavor to your food!

If you enjoy smoking, this is your chance to bring the aroma and flavors of BBQ right into your own backyard! Don't stick to the same old barbeque favorites. When it comes to what you can cook on a smoker, the choices are unlimited. We've got some fantastic takes on some smoker classics.

We have a wide choice of recipes to inspire you. Prepare for a flavor-packed adventure with these delectable smoked recipes!

Pork Smoker Recipes

Pork is a type of red meat that is high in protein, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, all of which are great for your general health. It’s also great meat to smoke. Some cuts of the pig, such as tenderloins, sirloin roasts, and loin chops, are higher in nutrients than chicken. The leg of pork is popular because it does not dry up as quickly as other cuts. Smoking a leg of pork allows the collagen to break down, resulting in soft and delicious flesh.

While you may instantly think of ribs and pulled pork when you think of cooking pig on the smoker, there are other cuts that lend themselves incredibly well to the infusion of smoke flavor when cooked on your smoker.

Here are some of our favorite smoked pork recipes:

Smoked Pork Shoulder

This smoked pork shoulder is ultra-delicious and soft, smoked low and slow to make the most exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork! A simple recipe that yields juicy, tender, rich flavors and ultimate enjoyment. This is a foolproof way to get excellent smoked pulled pork. It’s perfect for any picnic or BBQ, with grill cooking instructions included.

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Smoked Pork Loin Recipe

Smoked pork loin, like any fine piece of meat, should always be tender and succulent. If you get it wrong, it might be rough and rubbery. Here is a really simple recipe for smoked pork loin. With this preparation guidance and recipe, you can make the perfect BBQ smoked pork loin every time.

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Epic Smoked Pork Belly

Nothing compares to the delicious crunch of well-cooked pork crackling. This is a recipe for crispy smoked pork belly. It will give you a lot of fantastic smoky flavor as well as the crispy skin that we all absolutely love. If you don't like crispy skin, use just the first half of this recipe for a really flavorful pork belly.

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Beef Smoker Recipes

When cooked on a smoker, beef always tastes just exquisite. The gradual smoke complements the meat nicely, and I'm sure you'll agree that eating smoked beef brisket is just as satisfying as trying a rapid-smoked steak.

Smoking beef over low heat brings out its natural flavors and is a great way to bring out the inherent flavors. Smoking concentrates the flavors in the beef while generating a visually magnificent roast that can take center stage at dinner, a backyard BBQ, or have a week of repeat performances as the hero of delectable sandwiches. Just make sure you pick high-quality beef, and you’re good to go!

Here are some of our favorite smoked beef recipes:

Barbecue Smoked Beef Chuck Recipe

Beef chuck is less expensive and more forgiving than brisket, and it lends itself beautifully to classic Texas-style barbecue. In this recipe, you'll combine a salt and pepper rub, slow smoking, and the "Texas Crutch" to ensure juicy and tender results every time!\

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Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast

This will be the best pot roast you've ever eaten, with an additional smoky flavor you didn't even know you were missing! This smoked meat recipe is full of meaty flavor. This meat is tender and melts on your tongue. With just four ingredients, it's a cinch to whip up. Dinner is just a matter of a chuck roast, an onion, beef stock, and some delicious beef seasoning away. This recipe is a winner!

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Authentic Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe

How do you cook a brisket? For those of you who've always wanted to replicate the delicious smoked brisket served at the top BBQ establishments in Texas, this BBQ beef brisket recipe is for you! In this recipe, you'll learn how to prepare a delicious barbecue beef brisket, from seasoning to smoking time and slicing techniques.

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Chicken Smoker Recipes

When it comes to smoking, chicken is by far the most flexible meat, and it's also one of the most satisfying. Smoking entire chickens may be nerve-wracking for first-timers. But there is no need to be scared!

The truth is that there's nothing else on the buffet table that can compare to the luscious, black flavor of a well-smoked chicken! With chicken smoker recipes, as long as you pick high-quality chicken, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of our favorite smoked chicken recipes:

Smoked Chicken Recipe

In this recipe, a whole chicken is covered in a homemade spice rub and then smoked to tender, juicy perfection in this smoked chicken dish. A delightful smoky taste permeates every bite of the chicken. We don't do tough, dry chicken here! There is nothing like this smoked chicken to make other whole chicken dishes taste dry and flavorless. Be liberal with spices and wait for the smoker to do its magic!

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Smoked Whole Chicken

Simple yet traditional, this whole smoked chicken recipe uses only a dry rub, making it an excellent way to get your feet wet before experimenting with injections for the first time. Once you've tried it, you'll regret not discovering it sooner.

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Smoked Chicken Breast

Make your own spice blend and smoke your chicken breasts for a flavorful and quick dinner with this delicious recipe. Cooking time for this moist, delicate, smokey chicken is only a few hours, yet the results are endless. This is a basic protein source for dinner and outdoor barbeques, and it's great in salads, sandwiches, wraps, and tacos!

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Additional Tips for Smoking Meat

  1. Choose an easy-to-use smoker to get started. Make sure you search for a smoker that's simple to use. Getting good at meat smoking takes practice and dedication. With so many things to learn, from what to cook, how to prepare it, and getting all of the timing down. A significant part of the process is having the right meats and tools.
  2. Smoking can be used for all types of meat. However, fatty portions of meat, such as hog shoulders and ribs, work best when smoked. In order to avoid drying out during the smoking process, ribs and pork shoulders benefit from their high-fat content.
  3. Before smoking, season or inject meats with spices, herbs, or other seasonings. When it comes to smoking meats, there is no one-size-fits-all method of preparation. When it comes to smoking, certain meats require little more than an oil rub and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Large portions of meat can be flavored and kept moist by injecting them with butter, herbs, beef, or chicken stock.

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