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5 Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

This past year the COVID-19 pandemic had many people stuck at home with businesses shut down and work moving remote. This provided a wonderful opportunity for novice cooks to try their hand in their very own kitchen. One cooking method that has become more popular as of late is sous vide, also known as low temperature long time cooking. Here are a few interesting facts about the method and benefits of cooking your meat this way.

What is sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is a French term that translates to “under vacuum.” The meat is prepared by first being placed in a plastic bag or container and then vacuumed sealed. Next the sealed meat is placed in a prepared water bath that uses a machine called an immersion circulator to heat the meat to a precise temperature for an exact level of doneness.

This method of cooking has been popular in the restaurant industry for many years now because it is a proven way of producing the same quality of meat every time. That is extremely difficult to achieve through alternative cooking methods.

Five benefits of sous vide cooking

1. Taste - Because the meat is vacuumed sealed before cooking it essentially marinates in its own juices while cooking, which produces juicy, flavorful meat every time.

2. Safety – Sous vide cooking is a very precise process. The meat is always cooked at the same temperature for an exact amount of time so you can always be certain your food is perfectly cooked through.

3. More – Traditionally cooked meat loses volume due to drying out during the cooking process, but with the vacuumed sealed method your meat retains its liquid causing you to waste less of your delicious meat.

4. Easier – If you tend to have a hard time juggling all the cooking dishes in the kitchen then this is perfect for you. With sous vide cooking you eliminate the possibility of overcooking because your meat is bathing at such an exact and low temperature.

5. Everyone – Since the meat is vacuumed sealed each piece can be specifically flavored for individual taste. This is especially helpful if you’re cooking for people with allergies or special dietary needs.

Sous vide cooking seems like a cooking method that just about anyone would be interested in with its promise of perfectly cooked and flavored meat. Never waste a prime steak again through over cooking it or drying it out!

If you’re interested in trying your hands at restaurant style cooking in your own home take a look at our products. We offer quality meat pre-seasoned and vacuumed sealed, ready to bring delicious tastes into your kitchen.

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